Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My tomatoes this year!!

This is the first time that I got some real tomatoes on my plants. The weather was wonderful this year. Funny thing is I don't even eat tomato. But I do love using them for Salsa and tomato sauce for food starage. This is not enough. I am planning on doing another crop in Aug this year and next year I will plant more plants. This year i only did 3, and boy they did well.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

How can you have salsa without the Jalapeno?

Never did this before and I got this from Home Depot....Let's see!!

My flowers

I don't have a lot of flowers going on here. But I am sure the worms did an awesome job getting those dead flowers from last year back to life!

my Mom must be proud - Pok Choy is growing

Mom it works and hopefully you are glad to see this happening. Hey, for those of you like Pok Choy want to plant some of your own. Come and get some seeds. I have more than enough to share!!

One Month later of my Tomato plants

I got TOMATOES.... hopefully enough for me to make some yummy salsa, tomato sauce and go on. I still have to figure out why some of my flowers got blossom drops. But I still get some tomatoes this year. I have to watch out for those big fat green worms too!! Next step, put most of the worms that I raised this year into this tomato box!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

2 weeks after I planted the tomato plants

2 weeks has passed and the tomato plants are looking good. I put fertilizer today according to a book that I read from the library. I also water quite a bit and see if that would make a different. This is a journal that I kept for my tomato plants.

The green onion

This is a great tip from Mayumi, she told me to plant the end of the green onion in the dirt. (the one that we brought from the store. After 2 weeks, it's almost ready to cut them out and use it. That was great, a lot faster than using the seeds and I am recycling the green onion's end. LOL